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Just Call Me Qua

I'm Shaniqua Blossomgame and I love to share my opinion. Whether someone asks for it or not. I love to write, have complex conversations, and uncover deep solutions to most of the nuances that go in society. I consider myself an intellectual. I hate to "pat myself on the back" but I did earn a Master's in Public Relations. I have a passion for image consulting and orchestrating things behind the scenes and while I still want to pursue that, I decided I deserve to be front and center as well. 

I just want to write. Write about my faith, be transparent about failed relationships, my struggles with Motherhood, my love for politics, my disdain for this Millenial life. I strive to be a Christian Influencer. You can be yourself and Jesus be at the center. I have VERY unpopular opinions that have left me a loner but I don't care about fitting in I still want to share my rationale. 

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